26th building cluster

6 buildings

1 800



Gross floor area

170 000 m2

100 000 m2

Gross residential area more than
Offices and retail

16 500 m2

4 200 m2

of car-park
26th building cluster is a work title of 2nd construction stage of Central district. As well as 46th building cluster it contains residential buildings set around an inner court. But there’s a difference: a podium with 22-floor tower and curvy apartment block is added. Colorful facade design, with two options presented, and wide windows bring a feeling of joyful mood into the neighborhood. Comfortable apartments of different scales and forms are designed in every building so future residents will be easy to choose one which fits their needs and requirements. Elaborated neighborhood plan provides the best view for every apartment.
The first floors of every building are planned as commercial or street retail.
The underground car park helps residents to keep their cars safe and clean from snow in winter.