Total estimated investments value 261 bil. RUB

Workplaces — 31 310


When we are talking about the project of this size, we cannot avoid to mention the investments.

Total estimated investments value is 130 billion rubles. We can compare it with a budget of a small European city for several years. The investments are divided among 4 general groups and among the construction stages.The general groups are shown in the chart.

The stages division is basing on the construction of the districts. The first one is Central district.

9 bil. rub.

Design and preoperational

16 bil. rub.


21 bil. rub.

Social Infrastructure

26 bil. rub.


189 bil. rub.


Global designing of Istoksky is basing on the one simple idea: to answer every demand of new urban living, satisfying future residents. That’s why we have taken into account dozens of terms and conditions of modern city planning. We have applied experience of the most successful and respected architects to bring to Yekaterinburg the highest level of residential living. One of the challenge we faced was a creating of workplaces for Istoksky newcomers.

Find out the total amount of workplaces are presented and how many of it will be created.

1 150


3 100



Industrial and service

5 500


17 810

Social facilities
  • Culture
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Services
  • Healthcare

Care centers –12 objects for more than 500 persons

Laundries and dry-cleaners to clean up 7 000 kg. cloths per day

13 colleges

40 day-cares

65 000 m2 of playgrounds

1 600 beds, 14 medical cars and OPC’s to attend 8 000 patients per day

5 fire stations for 34 fire trucks

24 schools

4 swimming pools

Cinemas for 1 500 persons gross

4 Theaters for 500 viewers